Utopia del siglo XXI: Tener un trabajo – Utopia of the 21st Century: a job.

Yes...my dream came true...

Huge masses of immigrants come and go looking for jobs. I does not matter where you are from, it does not matter what your ideas are, it does not matter your race or religion. It only matters that you need to eat, to get shelter, clothes, and some certainty about the future. Huge companies manage to producing and selling those goods that sustain the world in movement. Yes, may be it is the end of ideologies as someone said upon the fall of the Wall but not because Capitalism is better than Communism (which may be) but because we all need to work, we all need a job, we all need that money that will keep us alive. If you have a job, you are lucky, you have everything you need. What do you want to do with your life? get a job… What do you want to change in this world? get a job… What are your objectives and your values? get a job…get a job first, enter the system, get a life, get good credit, pay your bills, follow the rules. There is nothing to change…everything is perfect. That is the system. You are that little gear…if you are lucky…


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