Iron Law of Oligarchy – Ley de Hierro (o bronce) de la Oligarquia…

Thanks Michels

I was discussing the other day with a friend about laws in social and political life. She said there is no cycles in political life, or at least, most of what happens is coincidence. Then, I remembered Robert Michels, born in Germany at the beginning of the 20th Century. He said, whatever the type of government, even the most democratic, it will always become, sooner or later, an Oligarchy. “The reasons for this are the technical indispensability of leadership, the tendency of the leaders to organize themselves and to consolidate their interests; the gratitude of the led towards the leaders, and the general immobility and passivity of the masses” (Wikipedia… I remember my professor of Political Theory drawing a perfect equilateral triangle with the upper little portion of it representing that oligarchy. So, why worry about changing anything? I think the answer would be: well, we can try to become part of that Oligarchy right? or, we can try to remove the present Oligarchy (depending on the country). But, the question would be: are not these oligarchies always the same? Are not those who belong to these oligarchies always the same? Are not those who want to belong to these oligarchies always the same? I just wanted to thank Michels for making me think about these issues so many years ago…and still makes me think…



  1. Hi! I fell across your blog lookinhg for like minded souls. I have a deep interest in genealogy and only became interested in the US as being an oligarchy rather than a democracy when I noticed that of the 43 presidents more than 27 were related to each other in some way. So I olowede this up and determined that there was an oligarchy at work here. However I might suggest that rather than having become an oligarchy over time the US was one from its very beginning. If you are interested then I have more at my own blog at Thank you

    • I took a quick look at your blog, and found the information there very interesting, and a good example of the Iron Law. It would be great to get that info for many other countries. I think there would be no surprise about the results. Anyway, what I am interested about, is the impact that corporations, and multinational companies have as part of those oligarchies and their relationships with those families. Thank you.

      • Thank you for taking the trouble to look at the site. Its a bit hithery thithery because I want to deal with the historical reasons for the US oligarchy and keep people up to date with what the oligarchs are doing today. So its a mixture.

        Feel free to subscribe it pure scredded wheat, no emails, no pop ups, no adverts, nowt save pure blog!

        At some point I will be dealing with the export of the American model of constitution to countries in Latin America and the troubles that has caused ever since so there will be parts that will look slightly outside the US!

        Once you find our happy little oligarchs, they pop up everywhere, and as you suggest in business and corporations. You probably know already about The United Fruit Company – well its directors were almost to a man members of the US political oligarchy. So it was never just bananas was it!!

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