Latinos or the vulgarization of Spanish Language – Latinos o la vulgarizacion del idioma Castellano (Español?)

Hablar castellano es malo?

After many years in the U.S.A. I have noticed how, at least in Texas, the Spanish Language has been vulgarized, meaning, associated (by the media in general) with vulgarity, with illegal immigrants, with lack of culture or even primitivism. Not only in schools where Spanish is almost only associated with Mexico or Central America with textbooks, vocabulary used and even Holidays and Celebrations, but also in Libraries where many books are just light novels for very uneducated people where Isabel Allende is considered the maximum. Please…!  Spanish, called “Castellano” in Argentina and some other countries, is a very rich Language with uncountable famous authors from countries other than Mexico and others than authors of supposedly “intelectual” novelist such as Isabel Allende. I do not know exactly the reason for this biased view of Spanish. I have some guessings, though. May be it is not good (meaning money) for some people to try to educate in Spanish, may be it is good to make think that English is a more “educated” language, may be it is not good to show that someone who speaks Spanish can be intelligent, or brilliant, or even beautiful (not the typical “latin” type of beauty). May be it is not good to show Spanish speakers as people who are concerned for something else other than immigration or “tacos”. There is a lots of “maybe”s. May be the reader can help me to find more…


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