Second life: there is life beyond our life…

A better life?

I assume that, as a consequence of the desperated times we are living, more and more people are looking for alternatives to be happy. I found one very interesting: Second Life. I have created my avatar, and I have been able to meet some other avatars. Some are very nice, some are very sexy, some are very rude, etc. Finally, someone is able to give all us an alternative, a more hygienic life, a life where you can say whatever you want, a life where yo do not need to touch anybody to have sex, a life where even you can fly… I can say that some places are really beautiful, and some really talented people are there working to make this fantasy world really attractive.  Some people behind the avis are really interesting to meet also but, I wonder, is this a new typo of schizophrenia? I think, “prima facie”, that this is just something that shows how unhappy people are with their lives, and, worse, how unable they are to change it…



  1. While it is true that there may be many people in Second Life that have less than ideal real life experiences, there are many who are able to change their lives because of the friends they make or the exchange of ideas that they have in the virtual world.
    There are qualified counselors to be found there and because one is anonymous, some people feel a greater freedom to share their stories and their real life problems with others and get good advise or counsel.

    I do agree however that there are also dangers in being in an unreal environment that is so sanitized! One really feels reluctant to go back into real life and do the dishes and clean the house!

  2. I do agree with you with respect to the “therapeutic” aspects of second life, but I think that real problems should be solved in “real” life, with real people, otherwise, you are taking the risk of not “living” your “real” life but a fake one…

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